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How can I help you?

Drawing on my 30+ years of experience, I can help you and your organization navigate your toughest challenges. 

Interim CIO

If your organization is undergoing a transition, I can provide seasoned IT leadership to keep your IT function performing smoothly or to stabilize a “rocky ship.” As I work with you, my focus is on the three core areas: People, Processes, and Technology. These types of engagements are normally a mix of onsite and remote support. These are often open-ended engagements, but designed to provide you with the necessary level of flexibility to meet your needs.

Strategy Development

"Strategy" means different things to different people and organizations. Regardless of the definition, an organization without a strategy is an organization in crisis. The days of having a standalone technology strategy are long gone; technology is now woven into everything an organization does and must be reflected in the strategic plan. I can help you determine how technology does (or needs to) support the overall strategy of the organization. These types of engagements are a mix of onsite and remote support and have a clear set of deliverables and timelines. 

Executive Coach / Advisor








Sometimes a senior leader just needs a neutral party to talk to--someone they can share their concerns or ideas with in a safe and confidential space. Sometimes a newly-minted leader needs some coaching to help them better navigate their new role. In both of these situations, my experience in working with senior executives can help you be successful. These types of engagements don't typically have clear deliverables, but they do have goals. Coaching/advising roles are typically billed on a retainer-type basis and are generally performed remotely (although onsite visits are an option).

Fractional CIO

Smaller organizations, startups, and non-profits often don't need (and can't afford) an experienced, full-time CIO. For these organizations, I make my services available on an hourly basis as part of my goal to give back to the community.

If you are a small organization (revenue/funding less than $2M/year), startup (at the Angel or Series A or Series B stage), or a registered non-profit, please contact me to discuss your particular situation and how I may be of assistance.

These services are normally provided remotely.

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