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The Story: Medical Tourism in Thailand

The Link: Knowledge @ Wharton

Don’s Take: Medical tourism is something that has had little press and even less use by patients from the US, but there is a potential for growth. This article, part of a discussion with the CEO of Bumrungrad hospital in Thailand, talks about the economics of medical tourism and some possible growth trajectories for the industry over the next 5-10 years. (Posted 9/4/09)


The Story: Small hospitals (25 beds) can do big IT

The Link: Health Data Management, August 1, 2009

Don’s Take: A great example of a small critical access hospital doing big things with IT and not only surviving but thriving. (Posted 8/27/09)


The Story: One take on how the healthcare payment process affects outcomes.

The Link: The New Yorker June 1, 2009

Don’s Take: This not-so-short and not-so-scientific article talks about how the payment process in healthcare leads to unintended outcomes. An interesting read, but nothing terribly new. (Posted 6/15/09)


The Story: Multi-million dollar hospital IT investment fails to yield results due to lack of alignment between people, process, and technology.

The Link: CIO Magazine 2003

Don’s Take: This short article highlights the dangers of not involving the right people at the right time in the decision-making process for selecting and implementing a new IT system. While this is probably the extreme (the organization ultimately decided to start over), the lessons learned can be applied to any implementation. (Posted 6/8/09)


The Story: A small hospital CIO talks about how to prepare for the HITECH/ARRA stimulus money.

The Link: Healthcare Informatics

Don’s Take: This Q&A gives a small hospital CIO perspective on what can be done now, before all of the definitions of “meaningful use” are even available. Not a great deal of “meat”, but some good advice from someone who has been there, done that. (Posted 6/1/09)

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Strategy and Tactics in Information Technology: Creating a Balance

Executive Summary: Is your IT department sufficiently strategic?  Does it handle the day to day business of information management equally well?  The balance between strategic and tactical needs can be a challenge to manage, and the positioning of IT in the organization is rarely a black and white situation.  Large organizations tend to think of IT as an area to exploit for strategic advantage, while smaller organizations rarely look past tactical needs.  This white paper will help you think through the essential questions you must answer to determine how to position your information technology function.


Decision Support: Moving from Report Generation to Value Generation

Executive Summary: Decision Support has been a hot topic for many years. Decision Support is the Holy Grail of information systems because it allows you to generate information from your data. Has your organization attempted this and failed? Did your organization bring the data together in a data warehouse but never get any new or better information out? Did technology lead to the failure or were people and processes a bigger issue? This white paper presents a real-life example of moving from a report generation culture to a value generation culture and then presents some key steps to help you through the process.


IT Governance: The Basics

Executive Summary: As organizations move from an operational view of Information Technology to a more balanced operational-strategic view, the need to manage the IT function becomes more important but also more challenging. Implementing an effective IT Governance structure takes time, effort, and strong leadership, but the result is higher value generation for the organization. This paper provides a guide to the basic steps, components, and functions necessary to have a successful governance model in your organization.


IT Communication Strategies

Executive Summary: One of the most significant non-technical challenges that an Information Technology department faces is how to communicate with their customers in a way that is meaningful, respectful, and helpful. All too often, the IT staff and management are not skilled in communicating outside of their technical world. This paper looks at some of the strategies that can be effective in developing good communications between IT and their customers.


IT & Project Management: The Hand and the Glove

Executive Summary: For many organizations, project management is not considered when developing their IT strategy and staffing their operations; however, in order for IT to successfully deliver, project management must be tightly integrated within the organization. Successful companies make sure the glove of Project Management to fits tightly on the Hand of IT, providing end-to-end management of all projects. Developing a project management office (PMO) and strategy in concert with the IT function can lead to significant positive gains for the organization.

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